What can you do to sell your home safely?

Selling a home while protecting you and your families’ health utilizing social distancing has become the new challenge for many homeowners wanting to sell their homes. Does it mean you have to wait to sell your home? Has your home selling plan just had it’s bubble burst? I explore this here in my most recent home selling article.

What can you do to sell a home when we’re experiencing public health concerns?You have options that will satisfy however cautious you choose to be; pick what works best for you, perhaps all or just a few. So much can utilize common sense hygiene. Let me explain what’s available to you. And be sure to get to final thoughts to read my overall thoughts on this subject.

First, get to that calm place in your being

Get rid of the fear. Ignore the panic that seems to rear its ugly face everywhere you look for answers. Fear and panic will not solve anything. Calmness will and it involves remaining at ease, knowing that we just have to attempt selling your home a bit different than we did just a month or so ago, but no worry….we’ll get it done. Ignore the hysteria so often seen. Home selling times have changed for a bit. That’s okay…we adjust. We will remain positive and revel in hope. We buy houses in Arlington

Find a Real Estate Agent well versed in digital, virtual technology

Digital and virtual technology will work hand in hand to become your new best friend; and, one that is attached to a Real Estate Agent is key for you to have any type of success in getting your home sold during these times. You’ll be thrilled of the options that are available to you.

I’m fortunate to represent a Real Estate Brokerage that has been in the forefront of such explosive digital virtual technology – eXp Realty. They’ve been ahead of this curve even before now, when many Real Estate brokerages are scrambling to make their typical brick and mortar brokerages work in this age of social distancing, as they must adjust.

So, what do I mean, you ask? What is this digital virtual technology that I’m referencing and how will you need to market your home?

Your options can include:

Hold virtual meetings via video communications

If preferred, I can meet with you online, over a high quality face to face video, sharing my screen with you to detail the home selling process that I’ve instituted to get your home sold in today’s environment.

In addition, this mode of communication would enable me to see your home as we chat and you walk through your home showing me your home, as if I was right there with you for our very first meeting.

We’ll discuss your home, all of its features, it’s suggested list price and answer any questions or concerns that you may have about selling a home.

Know that this is all about what is going to work best for you and what you choose, once we’re able to get reintroduced back into society as stay at home orders are lifted, precautions can be taken for face to face meetings to resume. Hoping this to be the case, sooner rather than later.

Matterport Virtual Home Tours

Your home would get digitized where almost every inch of your homes’ space is brought to life in a 3D format, where many prospective home Buyers will “walk” through your home without even stepping one foot into your home. What?!…how wild is that you wonder! How could that be?! It’s true, it allows prospective home Buyers to tour a home virtually. Plus, your home will even come with a floor plan for Buyers to view how your home will work for them.

Ideally, you’d find a Buyer for your home that would find the presentation sufficient and will present an offer for your home after seeing this masterful 3D virtual home tour, skipping any of the routine home showings and eliminating the need to implement your home’s “access to your home” system, as I’ll discuss below.

Signing of all Real Estate contracts will be completed digitally

No need to sign any document in person. You will set up a digital signing account using your email address, where it will serve as your legal signature and/or initials. All contracts will be sent to you via your email for signing.

Forget Open Houses of the past

Open Houses are the last thing you want going on during these Covid-19 times. You want to sell your home, but you certainly don’t want to risk putting you and your family in the face of any swirling virus. The thought of dozens of people meandering through your home, touching and feeling your things, really doesn’t set well with you. Particularly, when so many that frequent open houses aren’t really even looking for a home like yours to buy, but rather are just curious and/or looking for another pretty house to browse. No, you don’t…I get that and completely understand.

If open houses are to be used, the scheduling of virtual open houses may be an option. An appointment would be set and prospective Buyers could be tuning in during the scheduled open house via a live access tool such as a Google hangout, Facebook live, Zoom and the like.