Matterport Virtual Home Tours

Your home would get digitized where almost every inch of your homes’ space is brought to life in a 3D format, where many prospective home Buyers will “walk” through your home without even stepping one foot into your home. What?!…how wild is that you wonder! How could that be?! It’s true, it allows prospective home Buyers to tour a home virtually. Plus, your home will even come with a floor plan for Buyers to view how your home will work for them.

Ideally, you’d find a Buyer for your home that would find the presentation sufficient and will present an offer for your home after seeing this masterful 3D virtual home tour, skipping any of the routine home showings and eliminating the need to implement your home’s “access to your home” system, as I’ll discuss below.

Signing of all Real Estate contracts will be completed digitally

No need to sign any document in person. You will set up a digital signing account using your email address, where it will serve as your legal signature and/or initials. All contracts will be sent to you via your email for signing.

Forget Open Houses of the past

Open Houses are the last thing you want going on during these Covid-19 times. You want to sell your home, but you certainly don’t want to risk putting you and your family in the face of any swirling virus. The thought of dozens of people meandering through your home, touching and feeling your things, really doesn’t set well with you. Particularly, when so many that frequent open houses aren’t really even looking for a home like yours to buy, but rather are just curious and/or looking for another pretty house to browse. No, you don’t…I get that and completely understand.

If open houses are to be used, the scheduling of virtual open houses may be an option. An appointment would be set and prospective Buyers could be tuning in during the scheduled open house via a live access tool such as a Google hangout, Facebook live, Zoom and the like.

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